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Extreme Hoarding

Special Cleaning Services for Hoarders

We offer a unique and full package service for any type of extreme hoarding problem...

Some extreme hoarding jobs we undertake actually have a medical name, many doctors call it a hoarder disorder i which they treat with cognitive behavioral therapy which is the most common form of psychotherapy used to treat a hoarding disorder. A professional cleaning company with blood fluid and blood clean up services using the correct removal skills will know the right techniques to use and will ideally be members of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners like Phoenix.

Extreme Hoarding Services throughout The UK: Why Hire Professional Extreme Clearers & Cleaners To Do The Job?

Of course extreme hoarding tasks are not the only extreme cleaning and clearance jobs we do! Over the years we have listened to our customers and added additional services accordingly, for example some clients we undertake extreme hoarder clearance jobs for will ask us to remove the kitchen units, doors and bathroom, other customers want the garden cutting and cleared. We are more than happy to incorporate these additional jobs into our quote. Extreme hoarders can have some of the most challenging problems, sometimes doors won't open because of to much clutter so we will need to remove the door. Most people simply do not have the time or the will power to take on such a mammoth clearance job which is where we come in, we simply love extreme hoarding and extreme house clearance jobs in Ireland, we normally stay onsite until the job is done in order to speed up the process.

Our Extreme Hoarding Services Includes:

• Hoarding Clearance Service
• Decluttering
• Removal of Animal & Human Waste

• Odor removal
• Verminous house cleaning
• Verminous house clearing

• Upholstery cleaning
• Brain matter cleanup
• Body fluid removal

Should You Attempt To Undertake An Extreme Hoarding Clearance Yourself?

Sometimes you will need more than an extreme hoarding clearance service, there have been stories of hoarders who have died and been forgotten about by the family with only a foul odor to alert neighbours nearby that there is a problem, this is a terrible scenario to find yourself in! Because Phoenix offers multiple services in one there is no need to call another company to deal with the cleaning of body fluids after a decomposed body has been found inside a hoarders house. Our services include extreme hoarding house clearances, sanitation of body fluids, removal of animal feces, deep cleaning, pest control, fumigation, these services as well as many other are available within most areas.

What People Say?

Can't thank Phoenix enough for the way they handled what was a very stressful and traumatic event, they were like the 4th emergency service very professional and efficient.

— John Doe, doodle inc.

Phoenix were an absolute life saver they provided a 4 in 1 service which we desperately needed they arrived on time were polite and worked tirelesly from start to finish. Thanks!

— John Doe, doodle inc.

I'm a landlord and have used Phoenix in the past on more than one occasion to help me deal with needles and syringes when one of my properties had been used as a drugs den. Five Star service.

— John Doe, doodle inc.


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Why Trust Phoenix?

Our extreme cleaning and hoarding service was started shortly after we finished our training to be a crime scene cleaner! This training was undertaken at the NACSC which is an abbreviation for The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners! However we soon realized that many of the crime scene cleaning tasks we were undertaking were actually inside the homes of hoarders which is why we offer that servic